Oonity guides you to all elements of nature and knowledge. It helps you transform your traditional wellness experience into a journey of self-discovery. Oonity aspires to be part of your lifestyle while leading you to attain new knowledge and learn about therapeutic traditions and techniques. Hence improving your well-being at every level.

Our mission is the design and communication of holistic well-being practices. OONITY thrives in delivering innovative therapies to shape a global well-being community of members. Hence placing you at the center of a redefined wellness experience. 


Oonity provides an alternative path toward physical, mental, and inner well-being. Our vision is to empower your self-discovery by helping you attain knowledge and offering a digital ecosystem to support humanity’s journey towards healthier living. Our goal is to foster the development of a global community for all people, practitioners, partner brands, and the development of holistic therapies.

OONITY – Redefining Well-being is a brand construct conceived by Oonity Wellbeing, a German start-up with a well-established well-being tradition among its partners.OONITY’s mission is to help people and organizations redefine their well-being journey.

OONITY brings a message of unity to engage health supporters seeking a holistic methodology. Oonity emerges from its founders’ vision of crafting an all-inclusive experience that can be translated into every facet of peoples’ lives.

Our belief

OONITY beliefs well-being should lead you to harmony and alignment of the inner and outer being. In today’s world, where everyday stress, hectic lifestyles, and global situations create a great degree of emotional uncertainty, a redefined well-being approach is fundamental.

The foundations of oonity's wellbeing approach.

Higher education institutions like Stanford University have determined that a redefined approach to wellness is vital in fostering positive human and social change. For example, Stanford University’s Division of Health and Human performance and the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Science Center are saying the following:

OONITY builds on this new well-being approach by merging these elements into one holistic well-being experience. OONITY wants to create a point of convergence where people, practitioners, suppliers of functional products, and well-being experts can create a global community. OONITY believes all these principles come together by knowledge, creation, knowledge sharing, and education that, together with our community-oriented approach, will foster a redefined well-being experience.

OONITY takes a multidisciplinary approach to alternative health practices. OONITY brings all elements into one digital platform offering a one-stop solution to support internal and external challenges. OONITY bridges the gap between alternative health practitioners, functional products, knowledge, and people. It does this by offering practitioners and clients the best fit according to their specific situation.